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Bożenna Biskupska

Bożena Biskupska

Bożenna Biskupska (born 1952 in Warsaw) is a Polish multi-media artist specializing in painting, sculpture, installations, video and performance. She was born into a family of photographers, which probably influenced her artistic sensitivity.

Biskupska studied painting at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań (1970-1972) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1972-1976), where she obtained a diploma with honors in the studio of prof. Tadeusz Dominik. Already during her studies, she experimented with various materials, such as metal, photography, and weaving.

Biskupska’s artistic achievements include a wide range of forms and techniques, from figurative art to abstraction. Her work reflects the evolution of formal explorations, starting with figurative works in metal, ending with the development of an individual artistic language in the “Delineating an Image” series.

In the 1980s, the artist began to create huge, deformed human silhouettes from various materials, such as tow, fibers or sawdust. These works, such as “The Mystery of Time” or “Non Omnis Moriar”, have become a symbolic expression of suffering, transience and death.

Later, she focused on documenting transience through the series “Delineating an Image”. The artist experimented with various techniques, combining painting with performance. In 1998, an open-air exhibition was organized at the Center of Polish Sculpture, presenting seven One-legged objects, which are part of the series “Staking out the image 343”.

In 2004, Biskupska founded the In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation together with Zygmunt Rytka, whose activities mainly cover the areas of Warsaw and Sokołowsko.

Her work is constantly evolving, moving from monumental sculptures to subtle, abstract delineation of images using gesture. Biskupska experiments with various media, creating unique works that reflect her deep reflection on human existence and transience.

Bożenna Biskupska presented her works at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad, such as the Venice Art Biennale, the International Biennial of Miniature Weaving, and A Women’s View in Washington. She received many awards, including the 1st prize at the International Biennial of Miniature Weaving (1982) and the 1st degree award. Stanisław Wyspiański for painting and sculpture (1984). Her works are also part of the collections of institutions such as the Oświęcim-Brzezinka State Museum and the Savaria Museum in Hungary.


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