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Magdalena Nowatkowska

Magdalena Nowatkowska, born 1982, graduate of the Institute of Design in Koszalin, master of art, long-time illustrator, graphic designer, interior, fashion and home accessories designer.

After years of experimenting and observing the world, he simplifies what is complicated in his painting.

It works in several cycles simultaneously. It touches on difficult, existential topics, presenting them in a simplified, elaborate, simple painting form.

Works of Magdalena Nowatkowska:

The first series, created at the beginning of the pandemic, is titled "Distance". It is a series of paintings about emotions, interpersonal interactions, energy, fear and reactions to incomprehensible, foreign, contradictory messages. About their impact on human behavior. This is a series about people… Graphically simplified, geometric forms seem to influence each other. Isolate, levitate, colonize from small or larger groups. It is an analysis of interpersonal vibrations in various contexts, spaces and circumstances.

In the "Boundaries" series, he explores the sense and senselessness of their existence. It is a response to unpredictable phenomena. It was initiated precisely at the time of disturbing reports about the war. It is a story about what the artist sees, feels and observes. It is a study of relationships between people. About what causes fear and uncertainty. As much as you can… It is a record of the interactions between them, something that is somewhere between the world of peace and the world of total chaos.

This is a series about emotions. About overcoming obstacles. About possibilities and their lack. About power and helplessness. About power. About closeness. About relationships. Longing. About boundaries. About the sense and senselessness of their existence. About people. In short.

The human figure is reduced here to simple figurative forms, to the most simplified signs, with the eye marked as the dominant, visibly exaggerated element.

The series is an attempt to delve into fundamental questions about the existence, meaning and complexity of human experience, human resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles and contradictions. What defines us as individuals and as a society. It is a manifesto that the human spirit is unlimited in its potential and resilience.

The third series is "Dimensionless - Geometric Compositions". This is a smooth transition from the "Borders" series to even greater simplifications. Reducing simple, but still figurative forms from the previous series to abstract geometric systems. The series is a study on the potential of minimalism. It is an artistic commentary on what already existed.

The "Horizons" series is a series of works inspired by simple shots from life, in public space, architecture and urban planning. The works in this series are characterized by simplicity of form. Here they experiment with the horizon line, which symbolizes the border between earth and sky, between spaces and objects. It is a metaphor for the border between the past and the future.

The use of pure minimalist forms and the correlation between individual surfaces encourage reflection on color, shape, composition and time.

The latest painting series, "Borrowed Images", is a series of minimalist abstractions. These are captured existing images in the space that the artist is looking for. A record of bits of what surrounds us. These are narrow frames of a broad perspective of life.

It is a diary of interesting circumstances, a record of the magic of fleeting moments.

These images are a nod to chance, inspiration and unexpected beauty found in the least expected places, moments and circumstances. Available to everyone, at your fingertips, in the nearest public space, perhaps just around the corner.

It is an attempt to appreciate the little things, the uniqueness of everyday life that often escapes our attention. But all you have to do is stop for a moment and look to almost certainly notice something…