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Filip Gruszczyński

Filip Gruszczyński is an artist whose works are characterized by exceptional originality and intriguing composition. He creates figurative paintings that are not based on reality or inspiration from photography. His style combines the language of illustration with elements of art deco style, presented in a very personal way. Although Gruszczyński’s work is not anachronistic, it is closer to the tradition of Zofia Stryjeńska than to contemporary hyperrealism.

The subject matter of his works is diverse – from frivolous and anecdotal motifs to “great” symbolic themes, such as mythology, the Bible, or references to the masters of painting of the past. His works include images such as the Tower of Babel and Jacob’s Dream, as well as dynamic corrida scenes.

A characteristic feature of Gruszczyński’s paintings is a clearly defined color patch, composed rhythmically, sometimes a bit nervously, which may suggest inspiration from music, especially jazz. His technique also includes subtle collage elements that place stylized compositions in the context of reality. Scraps of railway tickets or press fragments become puzzles for observant observers and part of the game the artist plays with the viewer. This game is rich in rules, combining historical inspirations, erudite awareness of great predecessors and current everyday life, which is reflected in the artist’s decorative canvases.


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