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Iwona Kobryń

Iwona Kobryń is a Polish artist, painter, illustrator and graphic designer, born in 1966. She began her artistic path at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she obtained a diploma at the Faculty of Painting, working in the renowned studio of prof. Stefan Gierowski. After graduating, for many years she combined painting with design activities, focusing primarily on press graphics.

Iwona Kobryń’s work is the result of intensive research on form, especially the human figure – its movement and shape. In her painting world, a person is always embedded in a social context, entangled in relationships and various events. The artist draws inspiration from archival photographs, which she processes, expanding the field of exploration of painting problems such as color and composition.

Since 2020, Iwona Kobryń has been focusing on a series of paintings titled “The Last Day of Summer”. These works are the result of her fascination with photographs of beachgoers from the 1920s and 1930s. Through this series, the artist attempts to tell a universal story about transience, carelessness and unawareness of what is coming.

In recent years, Iwona Kobryń has devoted herself entirely to painting, she lives and works in Warsaw. Her works were presented at numerous individual exhibitions, such as “Pharmacy of Art” (Warsaw, 2008), “Synchronization” (Apteka Sztuki, Warsaw, 2020), “The Last Day of Summer” (Studio Gałązka, Warsaw, 2021) and “The heat is coming ” (Galeria 101projekt, Warsaw, 2021).

Iwona Kobryń’s works are recognized and are included in many private collections, both in Poland and abroad. Her art is not only an examination of form and expression, but also a deep look at human experience and history.


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