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Filip Łoziński

Filip Łoziński, born in an extraordinary world of imagination, discovered his artistic vocation as a child. His fascination with colors and painting dates back to his earliest years spent at home, where paints and brushes often replaced toys. It was there, perhaps inspired by unusual role models, that he decided to develop his passion under the supervision of outstanding teachers at the Pedagogical University of Krakow.

He graduated from the Faculty of Art of the University of Applied Sciences in 2011, earning his diploma under the supervision of Piotr Jargusz. Already during this period his paintings began to “scream”, as his son said. This masterful combination of colors, unique approach to color and original approach to the world and reality make Łoziński’s works stand out from others.


His works feature themes of emptiness, selfish love and being lost in cyberspace. Importantly, the topics discussed by the artist leave room for endless interpretations, which attracts every observer. Łoziński’s puzzling, snobbish, and at the same time popular paintings emerge from the quiet, brilliant mind of the Krakow painter.

For Łoziński, painting is a specific word that expresses the beauty of thoughts and stunning impressions. Łoziński is the author of hundreds of paintings, many of which have found their way into private collections around the world. Moreover, he is also the author and co-author of many exhibitions, gaining recognition among audiences.

Łoziński’s paintings are not only works of art, but stories about life, relationships and human existence. His figures, often slender and faceless, constitute a kind of comma in the narrative of life, subtly revealing the history of ourselves. Łoziński’s paintings feature themes of loneliness, greatness and smallness, as well as puzzling questions about identity and place in the world.

The artist’s recent experiments with space, a return to earthy colors and textures, take the viewer to new, calm, warm and quiet places. Filip Łoziński, always searching, explores various aspects of human experience, creating works that constantly attract and force us to reflect on the world and ourselves.


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Source: https://sites.google.com/view/filip-lozinski/strona-główna