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In the ever-evolving art world, managing portfolios, tracking customers, and staying updated on artwork status can be a daunting task. The struggle to maintain accurate pricing information and effortlessly update portfolio details with just one click is a challenge many artists face. But fear not! Artanabo, the groundbreaking app for artists, is here to transform your artistic experience. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Artanabo revolutionizes portfolio management, customer identification, artwork tracking, and automated certification generation.

Effortless Portfolio Updates

Gone are the days of manually updating your portfolio piece by piece. Artanabo simplifies the process by allowing artists to update their entire portfolio with just one click. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual updates, and effortlessly keep your artwork information up to date. With Artanabo, you can focus on your creative process, knowing that your portfolio is always current.

Streamlined Customer Management

Managing customer information is crucial for artists, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Artanabo streamlines this process by providing a centralized platform for identifying and managing your customers. No more lost contacts or scattered spreadsheets. With Artanabo, you can easily access customer details, communicate with them, and ensure a personalized experience that fosters lasting relationships.

Real-time Artwork Tracking

Knowing the location and status of your artwork is vital for both artists and buyers. Artanabo keeps you informed every step of the way. Whether your artwork is en route to an exhibition or being delivered to a collector, Artanabo provides real-time updates on its location and delivery status. This invaluable feature ensures transparency and peace of mind, both for artists and their valued patrons.

Automated Certificates for Authenticity

The significance of certificates for artwork authenticity cannot be overstated. Artanabo understands this importance and offers a seamless solution. With just a few clicks, artists can generate professional and beautifully designed certificates for their creations. Impress buyers, increase the value of your artwork, and establish a strong sense of trust and credibility in the art market.


Artanabo empowers artists by revolutionizing portfolio management, customer identification, artwork tracking, and automated certification generation. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual updates, scattered customer information, and uncertainty about your artwork’s whereabouts. Embrace Artanabo’s user-friendly interface, streamline your artistic process, and take control of your journey like never before. Experience the power of Artanabo today and unlock new levels of efficiency, organization, and success in your artistic endeavors.